Honda, Mini & BMW – the three powerful concept cars in the world

First of all, we talk about Mini Cooper D, it enables the features of GPS, power steering, Bluetooth system Brakes assist, a demister that is rear windscreen with timer, smokers kit, trip computer and much more. When we talk about its speed, it is a sports can and you can easily imagine about its speed. If it is not so, we tell you that speed, actually this can increase its speed up to 100 km/hour in just 10 seconds than can climb most highway hills in its sixth gear. It has the mileage of about 3.5 liters per 100 kilometers on the highway. This is a diesel engine concept can that is awaited by many sports car lovers.

After that, the second one is BMW’s new variant named BMW 535i Sedan that enables wonderful turbo petrol engine and great dynamics that can easily attracts BMW loved businessmen. The 535i has enabled 6-cylinder engine that has the fuel capacity of 3 liters that doesn’t used turbochargers. This car has a maximum power due to its engine that is 225 kW at 5800 rpm that is enough for car’s sterling performance. Now the matter is speed, its speed can be up from 0 to 100 km/hr just within 6 seconds that breaks the records of its previous concept variants.

And now finally the matter comes to last but not the least the Honda Accord Euro that enables Bluetooth system, Leather seats, engine immobilizer, multifunctional control screen, rain sensors that enables auto wipers, the spare wheels of full sized steel and much more features that provides luxurious feel on long drive. Its fuel economy is much better of about 8.5 liters per 100 kilometers. This can enables 6 speed automatic transmissions that are responsible for its much better performance than its previous variants.

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Coachmen Leprechaun Class C Motorhomes are Best for Tours with Family

If you are traveler or you want to travel in different places with your family, friends and colleagues, then you should not worry now, because you need not to use accommodation in hotels and restaurants. Now you can make your accommodation to your vehicle. You can use RV vehicles for living and traveling. RV Vehicles are best vehicles for your tours and travels. You can get solution of all of your need via best RV vehicles. In RV vehicles, you can get your separate kitchen, your bed room, your drawing room and etc. everything will be well furnished in the RV vehicle. This is one of the best styles to travel in Coachmen RV. 

It has been founded be three brothers and they have made 12 travelers in the first year and 600,000 are manufactured till now. This is really dramatic changes in the RV vehicles. You can get good coachmen RV from the market places. Most of the people are using it as their business. They have started rental RV vehicles for earning lots of money. This is really very good and big scheme for earning lots of money. RV vehicles can give huge profit to you. You can use Coachmen leprechaun from them market.

If you are willing to get Class C Motorhomes then also you should not take any kind of tension. You can get entire solution of your need via online market places. Marketplace is full from your desire. Many people are getting benefits from RV vehicles. If you are willing to well furnished motor homes then also you can get the help of their official site. You should take the help of online market places for getting entire information about RV vehicles. Do not hesitate to get in touch of them, they are best in giving you complete information.

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Fiat Punto 1.4 with the Latest design and Performance

Fiat Punto 1.4The only other brand that today has something similar in their gasoline engines. This is BMW (and Mini) and fully open system Valvetronic variable intake valves, in this case driven by the camshaft and without butterfly, which works with the same engine lubricating oil, ie, reliability maximum and applied to atmospheric and turbocharged engines with direct injection. Multiair system logo at the top nice engine, the only place where it appears.

According to Fiat, compared with a conventional gasoline engine of equal size, offers more power (up to 12%) and torque (up to 15%), while consumption is lower (up to 16%), with lower CO2 emissions (up to 16%), and fewer particles (up to 40%). It even allows internal recirculation of exhaust gases through the reopening of the intake valves during the exhaust, causing a reduction in emissions of 40% of HC / CO and 60% of NOx.

All an invention, with a high development potential ahead by ensuring the reliability (Fiat patent is put into production but is Bosch) and also apply to diesel engines. The difference is remarkable about the old 1.4 turbo 120 hp with conventional admission, which approved 6.6 l/100 km and 155 g / km respectively, although some of this reduction is attributable to the start & stop system.

Multiair system (press file)

The operating principle of the system applied to the intake valves is as follows: a piston driven by a mechanical cam (1), is connected to the inlet valve by a hydraulic chamber controlled by a solenoid valve, the ON / OFF, normally open.

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Countryman Mini Cooper S ALL4 breakthrough the perfect

Mini Cooper A delight especially taking into account that the road test has been developed with rain and snow. And in sharp support retention is also very fast and very easy to control because only shows a slight tendency to under steer. The braking has the genes of BMW and is very stable, type BMW, not lie on curve or sink the nose on the straight, but you can make two criticisms: the great transformation and the parasite in the wheel when the ABS operates and the high noise pills to stop, really annoying in city traffic to a halt.

Also accompanied the new version of the 1.6 turbo engine with power increased from 175 to 184 hp (same as the new 2.0d BMW four-cylinder), superb performance and refinement of mechanical and example of technology developed by BMW for their Electronics engine such as the control variable valve lift, the turbo and direct injection, plus the strategy of reducing consumption Minimalism.

Automatic switching cams on the steering wheel help you enjoy the sound of the exhaust successful Mini Cooper S All4 Countryman. The voice recognition system is not as advanced as the BMW.

The previous 1.6-liter turbocharged versions of the Mini Cooper S performance obtained official and approved consumption of 95 octane gasoline. The current, which equips the Cooper S All4 Countryman, needs 98 octane on the basis of the information in the instruction manual.

If we add that has stability control DSC mode that partially inhibited or switched off completely, it turns out that we will choose efficiency and extreme ease of driving cross country or play streaming into slippery ground such as snow or wet grass , as was the case. Do not disappoint this Mini Cooper S Countryman All4.

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Hyundai Genesis Cars & Car Parts Availability at Lower Cost

Hyundai cars are very much appreciated by people. Car owners of Hyundai Genesis have written good experience in the internet market. This car drive is very smooth and turn is also very good. It is lovely car having great look and it gives royal feeling to you. Hyundai genesis cars are having good features and parts which give long services and it is also reasonable for car owners. Youths like to drive this car because of its features and beauty. Therefore, it has got huge popularity among every age of people.

Hyundai genesis parts are also available at the market places at very lower cost. If you are looking for parts and accessories then you can move to internet market or call at (888) 799-2839 for getting good parts of Hyundai.

They are the Hyundai genesis dealer and they are having each part of Hyundai. They can send your desired part or accessory at your home door after getting your order. You can contact via phone at any point of time.

You can also get Hyundai genesis coupe parts via them. They will be happier to send you each of your requested part at your given time. You should not hesitate to get in touch of them via call.

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Toyota 2000 GT

Toyota 2000 GTThe Toyota 2000 GT was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1965, but until 1967 was not available. Since West was seen as an exotic car, star of the James Bond film “You Only Live Twice” was filled with class and style. Today is undoubtedly the most coveted Toyota Classic.

The 2000 GT Toyota showed the world that was more than a trade-mark; it knew how to make supercars. The 2000 GT was designed with a view to racing, Toyota had already won the Japan GT Championship in 1963 and although in the short existence of the 2000 GT, raced legendary as the 1968 SSCA Camponato of Carol Shelby’s hand, was never a car with much luck on the track.

Its design is due to Satoru Nozaki, who was assisted by the head of Toyota’s competition for those then, Jiao Kawano. His line was characterized by curved lines and muscular, but light-looking, as it only had a height of 1.16 m and a length of 4.2 m. The design of the windshield was similar to an airplane cockpit, with large expanses of glass, it was not designed by chance, one of the secrets of the 2000 GT was its careful aerodynamics (with a CX 0.30), is it providing unmatched stability at high speeds. Continue Reading

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AC Cobra 289

AC Cobra 289The history of the AC Cobra is one of the world’s best cars. A Texas farmer (and pilots), Carroll Shelby, he decided to raise the spider quintessentially English AC Ace putting to shoehorn an American V8 engine and create a fire-breathing cobra.

Perhaps, it sounds like fantasy, but it’s true. The engine was the then-new American Ford V8 short block that was initially 2.6 liters and then was joined by another 4.2-liter version. It was the latter that the AC was installed in slightly increasing the weight of AC.

Although success did not come until he built the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, the Cobra was aimed at the competition, light, powerful, with more worthy of an interior Italian barchetta a spider English.

AC was impressed with the performance of the V8 Shelby. The 289 Cobra 250 km / h to 100 km / h in just 5.5 seconds. Discarding the contract he had with Rudd Ked, who provided the original engines of 170 hp. and 2.6 liters of the AC Ace.

After a year of manufacture, the 4.2-liter engine was replaced by a 4.7-liter, resulting in the Cobra 289, and the second most popular models of all-time mark. The wheel arches are not widened, so the V8 Cobra and Ace were almost the same except, of course, their glittering transformation.

Although he is more timid than the 427, do not underestimate since lso reaches 250 km / h and accelerates from 0 to 100 in just over 5 seconds.

The latest Cobra 289 Sport was called and had the wide wheel arches of the 427 model. Despite being the younger brother of the great Cobra, 427, 289 was the many ways the car more usable, even the fans of AC models say so. Its fenders smaller and less glitzy than its potency made it more usable. Shelby continues to produce and in 1962 under the code CSX-7000.

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Used Car Purchase

The car you have is ten years old and you know there not much time left to get rid of it. Most car dealers are not extremely picky about your trade-in because they have a system that no matter the age of the car they already know what you’re going to get on what the age is. So at that stage of the game keep in the back of your head if you can afford to place cash down also although do not discuss this until you get the final quote. At that time you can throw the down payment at the last minute and see how they react. During your car search you need to get free auto insurance quotes. Don’t go to one car lot and always go to a car lot that has been in town for a while. Besides from prices stay on top of your car insurance for the car you pick out. The one main item you want to have on hand is The Kelly Blue Book which you can purchase at any book store. This book is the number one item needed to make a good and firm purchase.

The Kelly Blue Book is the same book the local banks and loan companies use to loan money on cars and trucks. Another area you want to check when purchasing a used vehicle is the past history which you can find by the internet under ca fax. This Web site has every sold the state it was sold in and whether there any past accidents. Be aware of that the only accidents car fax would know about are the ones filed with the insurance company and the police. If someone driving home drunk hits a tree and there are no witnesses, he is able to fix the truck and no one will know. So there is good reason to have the vehicle put on a lift and see if there are possibly any visual effects from the accident that a mechanic will see easily. Especially when purchasing a used car you need to Get a car insurance quote in Rhode Island. Car Insurance should be number one when buying a car.

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